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In the quest to reduce our carbon footprint, ease our reliance on natural resources, and generally feel good about the products and services we use, Sustainable Tourism Online and EarthCheck have partnered with Global GreenTag to develop and promote a green product guide specifically for the travel and tourism industry.

Global GreenTag Pty Ltd operates the Global Green TagCert™ certification program under licence to Ecospecifier, the company that developed the program and operates a range of websites of the same name internationally. They have knowledge and databases of over 6000 eco-products, materials, technologies and resources, and are considered the leading global source of sustainable, life-cycle assessed green product information including Global GreenTag certified and rated products. 

"EarthCheck is the world's leading certification and benchmarking company specialising in delivering sustainable outcomes for operators and communities," CEO Stewart Moore said. "Consequently, it was a natural fit to partner with GreenTag to deliver a credible and scientifically based rating platform for all products and services used by the travel and tourism industry."

Dunlop Flooring carpet underlay products have been through rigorous evaluation from Global Green TagCertTM to determine their outstanding 'green performance' and have achieved Global Green TagCertTM. Dunlop’s products were independently evaluated for their Life Cycle Assessment, receiving Level A Green Rate certification and Gold Plus LCA rate status. Furthermore, Dunlop Flooring is the first carpet underlay manufacture to meet the requirement set by the Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star program, achieving maximum rating points for building interiors.

Earp Bros is Australia's first and only ceramic tile supplier to achieve GreenTagCert™ LCARate Gold Plus and GreenRate Level A Certification. Earp Bros, partnering with Spanish tile manufacturer 'Porcelanosa Grupo', recently acquired an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for their tiles, which measures the life cycle impacts of the product and reports them transparently.


Interface is the first Australian carpet tile manufacturer to achieve Global Green TagCertTM certification, receiving Level A Green Rate certification and Gold Plus LCA Rate status. Interface products worldwide carry an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) which measures the life cycle impacts of a product and reports them transparently. Download the case study

Greenfirst® is Laminex Australia’s commitment to the environment. At the forefront of design and innovation for interior surfaces, Laminex offers products that can assist with Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) Green Star® rated projects. Recognising the importance of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) in projects, Laminex offers a range of low formaldehyde products and low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) products.

Global GreenTag certTM operates the only ACCC approved National Certification Mark in the green building materials sector. GreenTag is a unique, independent third party, green building and other sustainable product rating and certification program based on life cycle assessment (LCA):

  • Its advanced, robust ‘beyond LCA’ certification methodology is a world first
  • It makes deciding which eco-friendly products to use easy
  • All the research, analysis and reviewing of standards is done for you
  • Also recognised by both the Green Building Councils of Australia and New Zealand
  • GreenTag simplifies a complex sustainability marketing message into simple and intuitive graphics
  • Provides robust, whole of sustainability metrics where none existed previously
  • Certifies products across many sectors


If you are a manufacturer and believe that your products and/or services can meet the Global GreenTag certTM rating process, and you would like your products to be offered worldwide to EarthCheck clients and partners, call André Russ on +61 7 3238 1900 or email