End-User Licence Agreement

This end-user licence agreement("EULA") is a legally-binding agreement governing the download, installation and use of materials from this website ("the Materials") by each end-user ("You"). The Materials are licensed, not sold, and their download, installation and use is subject to this EULA. This EULA may be accepted by downloading, installing or using the Materials. If You do not accept the terms of this EULA, you do not have any right to download, install or use the Materials, and you must not download, install or use any of them.

You acknowledge that the intellectual property ("IP") rights in the Materials are owned by various parties. The IP rights in the Computable General Equilibrium Model ("Model") are owned by the CRC for Sustainable Tourism and the eight Australian State and Territory Tourism Organisations. IP rights in certain other materials are owned by the CRC for Sustainable Tourism, EC3 Global or another owner as indicated. IP rights in user-submitted Materials are normally owned by the authors of those materials, but other owners may be indicated. In each case, the relevant IP rights owner is referred to, in this EULA, as the Licensor of the Materials concerned.

Important: You must attribute the Materials, where used, with the name of Licensor and their author(s), if known, in any report or publication which uses or relies on the Materials.

Provided You comply with this EULA, you are licensed to download, install and use the Materials. The licence is perpetual, but it may be terminated by the Licensor or EC3 Global as the operator of this website ("Operator") by written notice to You if You do not comply with the terms of this EULA.

Other than the acknowledgement referred to above, You must not use the name of the Licensor or Operator in conjunction with Your use of the Materials, or any of the results or output of the Materials, or suggest any sponsorship or approval by, or affiliation with, the Licensor or Operator.

The Materials are published and licensed "asis," and may contain errors and defects. Neither the Licensor nor the Operator has any obligation to correct, support or maintain the Materials. The Licensor and the Operator expressly exclude any representation or warranty concerning the Materials. In particular, the Licensor and the Operator expressly exclude any representation or warranty concerning the Materials or their functionality, performance, merchantability or fitness, or that their use will be error-free or continuous, or of non-infringement of others’ intellectual property rights.

You agree that the Operator and/or the Licensor have no liability to You in respect of the Materials or their results or output, whether in contract, negligence, or otherwise. In particular, You agree that the Licensor and/or the Operator have no liability to You for any consequential loss, lost revenue or profits, lost data, access or productivity, business interruption, or any special, indirect or incidental loss, related to the Materials, or their results or output. These exclusions and limits apply even if the Licensor and/or the Operator knew or should have known that You might suffer loss.

This EULA is the entire agreement with You concerning the Materials. All other terms are excluded. If any term is implied by law in this EULA and cannot be excluded, then liability is limited under that term to the maximum extent permitted by law.

The acts of Your officers, employees, partners, contractors and agents in respect of the Materials are taken to be Your acts for the purposes of this EULA. You may not assign, sub-contract or sub-licence Your rights or obligations under this EULA. This EULA is governed by the law of Queensland, Australia. The parties submit to the jurisdiction of the Queensland courts.

End-User Licence Agreement
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