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Tourism Research Australia’s General Manager Wayne Calder has invited the tourism community to participate in a discussion on tourism research now open in the Portal's Online Community

The draft National Research Agenda is an initiative of the Tourism Research Advisory Board and provides a framework for national research priorities from now to 2020 and beyond. The Agenda has four key pillars: Current market dynamics, Emerging trends, Capacity building and Dissemination. 

The coverage of these themes is designed to minimise gaps in research, which will allow for a better response to industry development, policy development and marketing priorities. 

To join in the discussion on the draft Agenda, or any other TRA research issues with TRA's Wayne Calder click here. Alternatively, email for more information.

Click here to download the official National Long-Term Tourism Strategy for Australia and here to search through Tourism Research Australia's extensive online database. 

Produced by the Tourism Forecasting Committee (TFC), this document includes useful data on Australia's tourism industry, including visitor arrivals from Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. Click here to download.

This study was undertaken by Tourism Research Australia (TRA) in partnership
with Tourism New South Wales and Tourism Snowy Mountains to gain a better understanding of consumer perceptions of the Snowy Mountains region. Click here to download document.

The National Visitor Survey (NVS) is Australia's primary measure of domestic tourism activity and is the major source of information on their characteristics and travel patterns. Click here to download.

Sampling 40,000 departing, short-term travellers aged 15 years and over, this survey represents the most comprehensive source of information on international visitors to Australia. Click here to download.

The State of the Industry 2010 report is the first of an annual series that will assess the current performance of the tourism industry and highlight longer-term issues affecting its performance. Click here to download.