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A birds-eye view of the city of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia 

Water risks cannot just be managed internally within a business entity or property, but require robust engagement with other stakeholders in the watershed or catchment.” EarthCheck Research Institute

SINGAPORE MARCH 22, 2013: Water scarcity could severely limit the growth of the booming Asia-Pacific tourism industry, states a White Paper on Tourism and Water released in Singapore today. The international paper was prepared by a leading research consortium supported by Australia's EarthCheck Research Institute.

Introduced today at the Singapore International Water Festival - World Water Day Distinguished Lecture, the white paper provides a global context on water stress, availability and stewardship and discusses the implications for the tourism industry along the three dimensions of cost, availability and quality. 

The White Paper on Tourism and Water offers strategies for examining operations and provides tactics for reducing consumption and inefficiencies in key areas of water use, such as optimising laundry wash formulas and rinse cycles to reduce overall water consumption. In addition, benchmarks put forward in the white paper, including an average comparison of global water usage per guest night, and tactics for improving water use, can help organisations assess their progress.
Providing a context on the global water challenge and the specific pressures on water supply and demand in the Asia-Pacific region, the study focuses on water security, scarcity and future demand with a specific focus on the operational and developmental needs of the tourism and hospitality industry in the Asia-Pacific region. Ultimately, what are the implications upon a key sector of development in Asia: Tourism, including current and future design and operation of tourism infrastructure including hotels and resorts and destination planning.

View the White Paper on Tourism and Water here.

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