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A crisis for a tourism region, whether natural or manmade, affects confidence in tourism and impairs the ability to continue normal operations. Crisis events, such as earthquakes, severe weather incidents, power failures, oil spills or the Global Financial Crisis can have severe negative impacts for a tourism region. 

To manage crisis risk at the destination level, stakeholders such as Regional Tourism Organisations (RTOs) need to have the ability to assess potential risks and develop a Risk and Crisis Management Strategy. 

The resources in this section provide frameworks in the form of guides, handbooks and toolkits for risk and crisis management in tourism, including crisis communications, at the national, regional and local level. Templates and checklists will help you identify, analyse and address risks at each stage of the risk and crisis management process (Preparedness, Prevention, Recovery, and Response). Case studies highlight the valuable lessons which can be learnt from experience, detailing how destinations dealt with risks and crisis situations involving terrorism, health epidemics, natural disasters and safety issues.