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Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of local economies and form the majority of businesses in the tourism industry. The potential risks affecting SMEs are the same as those faced by larger corporations, but the impacts of unmanaged risks can differ. Unless risks are adequately addressed, they could impair any of the key components of your business, such as product or services, inputs, processes and outputs. 

To protect your business, you need to establish your attitude to risk, identify and evaluate key risks in your given context, choose how to manage these and develop a strategy or plan accordingly.

In this section you will find guides on how to build business resilience to risks such as pandemics and floods, plan for business continuity in a crisis situation, and recover from a disaster. A range or templates and checklists provide your business with a set of tools to know your risks and survive a crisis. In-depth case studies highlight issues faced by individual businesses, the preparations and solutions applied and the lessons learned from these experiences.